caykur 42 No'lu Tirebolu cayi black tea

Caykur 42 No'lu Tirebolu Cayi 500g - Quality Turkish Black Tea

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Caykur 42 No'lu Tirebolu Cayi. Turkish Tea, Black tea


Caykur N. 42 Tirebolu Turkish Tea Cayi, Black tea. In order to maintain the traditional aroma and scent of Caykur Tea cayi, you must use very pure water. A special tea is grown on the mountains of western border of the Eastern Black Sea Region, near the town of Tirebolu, which has a unique climate. This very special tea is meticulously picked and processed to maintain a distinctive taste, scent and aroma to satisfy the devoted fan base of Tirebolu tea. In order to brew Caykur N. 42 Tirebolu Turkish Tea cayi with perfect and consistent color and scent in each glass, use two teaspoons of Caykur N. 42 Tirebolu Turkish Tea cayi per glass. The teapot should be placed over the kettle, and turning down the stive to minimum heat, the tea should be let to rest for 13-15 minutes. In order to enjoy the real taste of Caykur Tea, the tea should be consumed within half and hour, and should be freshly brewed again if desired.

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Water: Always use fresh/filtered water as the quality of water has an impact on the quality of the tea.

Origin: Turkey

Ingredients: Black Tea