krinos mountain sage

Krinos Mountain Sage(Sauge de Montagne) 56g

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Krinos Mountain Sage(Sauge de Montagne) 56g


Organic Biologique
No preservatives and no artificial Ingredients.
Product of Organic Farming.
Krinos Organic Mountain Sage is an herb that grows up to 50 cm tall. It is mostly found on high and abrupt mountains as well as in rock cracks. The surface of its stalk and leaves is soft while its flowers are radiant purple.
Krinos Organic Mountain Sage belongs to the Salvia Officinalis family. It is a unique variety that can grow in harsh conditions. It grows with no chemcical additives, to allow you to enjoy a pure and natural product.

Krinos Organic Mountain Sage is a gift from nature,which grows on Mt. Othrys, in central Greece. The herb is produced with great respect to organic and natural methods to retain its nutritional value and fragrances.Its fine and full flavour brings harmony to body and mind.Enjoy its revitalizing power any hour of the day.
Krinos Organic Mountain Tea is renowned for its effects on strengthening memory. It is alsoan an excellent stimulant and antioxidant drink.

Preparation:Add boiling water in a mug with 2 g of Krinos Organic Mountain Sage. Steep for 6-8 minutes.Enjoy with yourfavourite sweetener (sugar or honey) or with lemon.
Product of Greece